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Advanced Power Solutions has been utilized by all sectors of industry and utilizes "best practices, observations and recommendations" when it comes to Quality Control and Counterfeit Mitigation strategies.  We only order components from our authorized manufactures and visually inspect all incoming shipments with our Inspector and Degreed Engineer ing teams to esnure accuracy of parts orered and received while mitigating any chance of counterfeit products.

Open market purchases of electronic components must be supplied with a high level of confidence that the parts are authentic.  In order to provide this level of confidence there must be a documented process to show the components are new, unused and that the parts have been stored, handled and packaged consistent with industry standards.  Our Quality Control processes ensure delivery of the comoponents orered wth Certificates of Conformance available for every order.

Our process of visual inspection begins with product handling.  All inspectors utilize appropriate Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Safety Standard (ESDS) techniques which is critical for receiving inspections and shipping preparation. Contents are inspected for proper quantities, manufacturer, part number, and condition of all products and packaging.  

To track inventory movement throughout the warehouse, Advanced Power Solutions uses warehouse bin location systems to track information, location, manufacturer information, part numbers, FIFO layers, quantities, date codes, order numbers and customer internal part numbers.

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Advanced Power Solutions delivers a wide selection of quality power supply products with USA inventory, sales and support staff.

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